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Our top notch crew members are patient and available to help all levels of fishermen and women, as well as inform you of any other marine animals we may come across. Each crew member is up to date with all Coast Guard regulations, as we prioritize your safety. 


While each of our crew members have been involved in sport fishing and marina lifestyles for many years, this is the first year the current list of crew has had the pleasure to work together full-time.  Black Pearl Sportfishing is now under a new management and is excited to have you aboard!


Our vessel is 65' x 19' fiberglass, which includes a full galley seating up to 16, and 25 single bunk berthing for passengers. We have an impressive 120 scoop bait capacity and a 5 ton refridgerated spray brine fish hold to store your fish until returning to port.


If you have any questions before, after, or during your trip please feel free to contact us.


Our crew will assist your every need, from gaffing your fish, working tangles, and expert filleting and packing of your catch. We are an animated bunch with a love of the sea. Our goal is by the end of the trip, our passion spreads and you catch a few fish or see a few pods!

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